Win Spy Monitoring Software Pro 9.7

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Version 4. 0 is now available, see what's new for more information. WirelessMon is a software tool that can monitor user to collect the status of wireless WiFi adapter and information about the wireless access points and hot spots in real time in the vicinity. WirelessMon can log the data in a file, including the IP address and a graphical real-time signal and 802 collected. 11 WiFi statistics. Statistical information: more than 30 parameters are reported. Including a break down of frames sent and received error account, low transfer counters and detailed data review. IP information: the performance of the network are monitored and displayed. These include the maximum available bandwidth in the network adapter hardware, which send current and received by the flow of data in bytes win spy monitoring software pro 9.7 per second and packets per second and the error counter. There are two recorded version available, standard and professional. The Professional Edition has all the features of the enabled WirelessMon, while the standard version has the following limitations. No map signal strength: tab and disable options by signal map is not created, stored or printed. We offer you a free upgrade from 4 WirelessMon. 0 for our existing users who have purchased older versions. If you have an older version of WirelessMon and you need a new registration key. Find the free upgrades, updates information. .