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Five teams to the $30 million Google Lunar earned XPRIZE, a combined $ 5. 25 million for milestones in the development of a robot that land safely on the surface of the Moon, meet travel 500 meters over the lunar surface, and send Mooncasts to the Earth. A small startup won from India with no experience in the field of robotics, or flight in space, Indus team $1 million. I was head to head with companies that billionaires had been financed, received support from NASA and had the support of the universities. It is the kind of program that I was looking for, and what he says does--and does it well done. Support the customer was also good for me and I got always a quick reply to my questions. I don't have no problem with this application. He works quietly and without any problems since I installed it. You have someone with phone detective india online a phone, that will be monitored, it is the right tool for the job in any case. I really like this software, and it works hard, to me you get all messages on the phone of my daughter help. I'm sure the pornography and abuse of children have no access to your mobile phone,.