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Phone Detective

The investigation of threats to the security of the State and of the monitoring of persons and organizations that threaten national and international fronts. All Ministers, former presidents and the first with armed guards and transport if its security is threatened, otherwise it is reserved for formal occasions. Ambassadors and foreign diplomats of high rank in Ireland are protected from SDU, if their security or safety is threatened. Risky foreign diplomats them are also protected by units such as the embassies and diplomatic residences in the United States, Great Britain and the Israel in Dublin. The average sentence for a convicted under anti-terrorism legislation in Ireland was the third most high EU behind the Greece (27 years) and Spain (14 years old) in the year 2013, 12 years. phone detective greece The SDU is a very mysterious organization doing everything possible to stay and when officers in the unit will appear in the center of attention at the Court, which usually anonymously testify behind a screen to protect his identity. All agents within the unit to carry firearms and more frequent than the train the regular police detective. All officers are armed with semi-automatic pistols hidden and if the situation so requires, have access to guns, rifles, machine guns and assault rifles. The SDU has a large pool of armoured and unmarked vehicles and has access to helicopters, if necessary. The budget for the SDU is classified, even if it is called on the general budget of the Guard (€1. 34 billion in 2014). Data are published for the budget, on the secret of intelligence informants human source system (Chi) countries. The funds used to pay informants, known as the assessment of intelligence and divides between crime and Security Branch and Directorate of intelligence (G2). It was the 1 year €2014 million. In 2010, the branch broken Europol as one of the largest and most modern counterfeiting had what has been described in Europe never discovered, capacity, of €200 million (£ 167 million / $276 million)) in fake banknotes produced annually, of which some were as far away as Japan, in an attempt to finance IRA terrorist and criminal activities delivered. The special investigation unit has been involved, protection security main agency of the British Queen Elizabeth II on his historic visit to the Republic of Ireland in summer 2011, with a threat of paramilitary dissident Republicans and (IRA) terrorist organizations and their rebel attacks tent and assassination attempts to ensure a smooth visit. The Middle Office and the G2 is responsible for monitoring between 30 and 60 people living in suspected Ireland because of their ties to Muslim extremist organisations. It has been argued that the team research in phone conversations and e-mail in Ireland the hacking crime journalists was involved, the identity of the sources reveal the natural history, crime and terrorism. Several journalists have been accused, observation in his hidden unit monitors electronic communications, as well as the implementation, if they meet the sources personally. Some journalists say they have origin in stories of crime and terrorism, including sul Garda officers in an interview with the media, if it is not sanctioned by the Garda hesitated. Listening to sneak by the Irish authorities it is not illegal if used as evidence in court (an order sought). The press has been requested not to publish stories that threaten the operations of the guard, but say that the force has not tried to influence. In January, only Gardai applied 1829 after disclosure requirements of telecommunications and the Internet company based in Ireland. Requirements had 1296 subscribers, trace of solicitudes-llamada 494 and 39 IP (address of the computer). As a total Gardai monthly average request information theoretically each year more than 20 000 telephone subscribers and services to broadband. These requirements were considered by the Office of the information Commissioner. A number of officers team Garda have lost the life in the course since the beginning of the 1920s serve the State. Died seven special branch detective known for their illegal character, 1940 to the service, .