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Detectives private Dominican Republic, Latin America Group, Inc. is a full-service consultancy private detectives. Our private investigators and consultants are authorised, bonded and insured conditions. We also use licensed private investigators or are under license and taxes in the countries where we have an office that we know and trust. Whether you're a large company, small business, office, financial institution or insurance company ready to meet all your needs, research and consultancy. We offer Professional Services of detective, complete and effective. The Latin America Group, Inc. provides our clients with the utmost confidentiality. The Latin America Group, Inc. is the leader in litigation support, before the use of professional consulting, company and private investigators. We waited to meet the needs of many companies, represents the defence and the civil Council and candidate in criminal matters. Our loss prevention Council have business clients and small business in support of sustainable resources and serious financial losses. Latin America Group, Inc. offers a personalised service and a quick response, which is usually associated with the step most research companies. We offer all kinds of advice and research services for lawyers, insurance companies, investment companies and businesses large and small. The week is our team of private research available 24 hours, 7 days. We offer competitive prices and our exceptional service is known for the international detective agency. Our company is committed to the confidentiality, completeness and effectiveness. We have customers and another company's search for our honesty, integrity and the quick response to the praise to research issues. The Latin America Group, Inc. uses expansive database and research resources in the private investigation/detective and professional advice. Our sources in the country of destination are responsible and reliable. The Brazil-private investigators working with law firms in the United States see the cases requiring a research in Latin America and the Caribbean. Our researchers have legal problems, activities on site in divorces, are looking for personal injuries, witnesses by obtaining declarations signed in a civil lawsuit EEOC, examination of the witness in property-related disputes and witnesses of the history of criminal defence research. Our company can produce a positive result in the investigation into the case. our researchers are making a difference in the preparation of the case or the plaintiff or defendant in civil and criminal law criminal lawyer. We offer also as an expert witness in civil matters, through a variety of legal issues in Latin America and the Caribbean. Prepare the affidavits and the following statement before the Court in support of investigative journalism. Jurors and judges that either accept our findings based on our research techniques and complete, professionals as well as our experience as former federal investigator and as a private consultant. . Private investigators in Colombia is phone detective brazil looking for companies in various business of brands counterfeit in Latin America, which is widely used. Our team of accountants who respond to cases of fraud by corporate executives. with the help of our specialists in analysis and legal data-processing was often delete customer information, according to them. Indeed, a significant amount of this information can be restored to reality by our experts. We offer training for companies in the fight against money from foreign practices to combat money-laundering and corruption Act. In the sector companies exercise a due diligence and review background check prior to employment in Colombia, Panama, Brazil, Venezuela, Dominican Republic and other countries in South America, Central and Caribbean. Many of our clients ask us to perform these studies the history of individuals, legal persons and their leaders. Background investigations are a valuable tool for businesses and individuals as a result of the growing concern of personal guilt, identity theft, embezzlement, terrorism and actions. It is important to know the truth and the right choice for employees or companies with which your company operates. The success or failure of any business is directly related to people who ordered and businesses. Pre-employment and due diligence checks are our private investigators can obtain the lowest training costs, increase productivity, liability and the company's image and integrity. Investigation background made by companies in order to avoid any effort, hiring an employee, can damage their businesses or other. Courts have consistently ruled that companies can be liable for negligence settings if not carefully vetting the backgrounds of employees. Our private investigations always be legally, fairly and with the utmost confidentiality and,. .