Phone Detective 911

Phone Detective

Don't forget records of all of your valuables. Valuables should of brand, model, serial number, documented, possibly or something, that marks the point as yours. (Marks, characters, etc.). In addition, it is always a good idea to keep the photos of the valuables. Photos of these items must be stored in a secure location, such as a safe or strong. Office of the Sheriff's Narcotics Division refers to his information from anonymous sources can be found, or the caller's enough information to be contacted by an agent. Passed information about alerts on persons that are strictly confidentially treated and not to third parties. Also an Assistant to keep frequent flyer program for multiple offenders in the Sheriff's Office phone detective 911 received the Narcotics Division. This program aims to ensure that the Sheriff's it Office and the Prosecutor cooperate with the common goal to eliminate the repetition of the criminals from our streets. This program follows the State of the judgments of the Criminal Court of those who who often several are absorbed by the Sheriff's Office in our meet established criteria / offender program. Assigned Vice coordinated all criminal divisions in the Sheriff's Office and acts as a link between the sheriff and the public prosecutor's Office under the supervision of the criminal cases of multiple frequency Cup. .